About "GDP"

「Next,I'll teach about GDP.」
「What's it?」
「It is abbreviation. Official name is "Gross Domestic Product".」

「Sorry,I can't understand.」
「No problem. It says easily "All Profit in the country". Can you understand?」
「I see.」
「OK. Let's teach about it!」
〜What is GDP〜
「I'm selling the Erasers. Price of 100 is 6000yen!」
「Please sell 200 erasers.」
「OK. Mr.Kaneta,please sell it for Ms.Rich.」
「I sell a eraser for 100yen.」
「I buy it.」
「Please 100yen. Thank you.」

「In this case,Kaneta sell a eraser that bought by 60yen to Rich for 100yen. In other words,he gets 40yen.」
「That's right.」
「If Japanese store is only Kaneta,GDP is 40yen. In brief Japanese GDP is the all profits in the Japan.」
「I see. But why is it important?」
「Yes,of course. Well... For example,can you management lonely?」
「No I can't. I will employ people.」
「So,you have to pay saraly.」
「It is natural. People work for saraly.」
「Usually,saraly is paid from the profits.」
「What's mean?」
「In other words,it is money that people can use.」
「Oh I see!」
「We can get amount of money people use from GDP.」
「Yes. Put simply,GDP shows richness.」

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