What is Economy?A

〜Description about Economy〜

「For example,I am a president.Oh! My company's new Products are selling great!!
 I increase the salaries for workers!」
「Yeah! My saraly increase! I will eat delicious foods,and I'll work hard!」
「Amazing! My company can make big profit! Let's employ new persons!」

―――So,the number of workers increse. And they use money a lot.

「Booming economy means distribution of money becomes active. It say”Money come and go.”」
「Thank you. I got the new knowledge.」
「It's so good.」
「By the way,Doctorate! Let's buy the cakes for booming economy!」
「You just want to eat cake,don't you?」
「Yes! Let's go!」
「Oh my god...」


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